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This will be just for my group becoming super...I know that the points I have listed won't be enough, but I don't want to rely just on my friends ^^

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So, I have been thinking about this, but since I was a tad bit rushed on the design of the four most recent drawings I did, with me only having a day, do you guys believe I should go back and color them now since I have more time with the Challenge being on hold for them? Yes or no? You can look at my previously colored designs below to decide (don't whine about them being thumbs, don't be lazy and click on them if you can't see them that well):

Collage for Nate by DamonNaraZetsu and Three Tailed Beasts by DamonNaraKing and Queen by DamonNara
Angel and Cloudy Pt.1 by DamonNaraAngel and Cloudy Pt.2 by DamonNara
So, just so you all know. Our coffee cup dispenser has a coffee lid dispenser right above it with big bold capitals right above it saying "PULL". Anywho, a lady comes in, no older than maybe 25 and no younger than 21. She gets a coffee cup and pour a capachino into it (I wasn't really sure which one she did-though it was probably Pumpkin Spice) and then she goes back over to where our cups and lids dispensers are and looks right at the lid dispenser and goes "How do you get these lids out?" with a straight and serious face. I just starred blankly at her and blinked a couple of times...And I mauled over so many answers over the next two to three minutes of her starring at the lid dispense and me starring at her...I was trying to think of an answer that wouldn't get me fired, but I couldn't come up with one before the three minutes were up, after three minutes, she giggled and goes "Oh, you pull it out, hehe." And my eye actually twitched...Like I just...I couldn't...
I heard about it that Tuesday and read about it in my city's newspaper that Wednesday and the two events that had happened were intense:

-A man jumps off a bridge (30 foot drop) to avoid a semi hitting him. He died from internal damges his body sustained from the fall...
->I get that you want to live, so you try, but what part about a 30 foot drop seems like you'll live?

-Two cars try to avoid a car from hitting them and end up hitting each other.
->I feel like this should be impossible. Like how was the car coming at the both of them that they had to go towards one another?
So, I should start off this by stating that I work for a gas station that isn't the most normal around my town. After you pick up the gas hose and put the nozzle into your tank, normally you push a button that says 87, 89, 93. But no. Here, you pick up the gas hose, put the nozzle into your tank and then lift up on the thing (I call it a lever) that was holding the hose in place at the pump. Now, let me tell you, I get about 100 people a week that don't understand it and they are all young adults to adults. Just yesterday, I had an elderly fellow who needed my help at the pump, but it was because our card machine is a tad confusing. it looks like it's asking you to put your card upside down, but it isn't. So, I showed him the right way to put it in and this fellow took five seconds at the pump, just looking at it. Maybe even three, before he figured out to lift on the lever and this was a person from out of town. So, he had never seen my gas station. He may had seen something similar before, but still. 3-5 seconds! Any others younger than this fellow can't figure it out unless I show it to them...

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